Change the world. Partner with April.

If you consider yourself a forerunning pioneer longing to make a lasting impression in the entertainment mountain (see The Seven Mountains by Lance Wallnau), having a heart to see the love and light of God in the marketplace - particularly on the stage - April may be the ideal partner for you.  Honest about her faith, April continues to carry that transparency in to her music whether it is pop, singer-songwriter, or her own home genre of country going places the church cannot go.  April will continue to use her music as the platform with which to fund Love Them Now, a Spirit-filled ministry team offering prayer 5 fold ministry, as well as offer both inspirational and Christian resources with a particular focus on secular events.  Dedicated to go "out into the world," April is highly favored and positioned for ever-increasing levels of influence.  If you'd like to be part of her launch you can use the contact form on this website explaining why would like to invest and partner with April and Love Them Now.

Currently, we are seeking investors to partner with this vision in order to maintain its integrity and ability to compete on a national and globally without compromising our vision. Supporting Out East Records will allow April to record, distribute, and tour in a commercially viable way comparable to and alongside other mainstream artists, and we believe it will bless you richly (Prov 10:22).  If your passion is TV production or Love Them Now, the 501c-3 dedicated to sharing God's goodness, there are opportunities there as well.  No matter which facet speaks to you, the core mission is still the same: Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself, and Love Them Now.

For more information on investment opportunities, please contact us on the Contact form featured on the Contact page.  

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